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Having A Membership Site Is A Simple Way To Make Money Online Every Single Day..

"You're About To Discover One Of The Most Affordable, Easiest To Use, And Quickest-To-Learn Membership Site Scripts Available Today!"

Leo, Marian & Thijs van den Berg (New Owners)

Dear Online Marketer,

The EZ Membership Script is an affordable, easy to use and quick-to-learn script that you can install on your server which will allow you to give away something for free of high value that people want in exchange for their contact information (name and email), like an eBook, report, software, videos, etc..

When your visitors take you up on your offer and join (opt-in to your list), and verify their email address, they will be shown a one-time offer where you can offer them an upgrade related to your free offer. This offer is of way higher value with a really great price attached to it making it almost irresistible.

If they buy, you earn cash.. and if they pass, they'll still be able to upgrade inside and will be an instant affiliate so that they can earn commissions by promoting YOUR site!

Listen.. When people signup to get your "bait" they instantly become a member of your membership site. Which means, they now have login details and can login to access your freebies along with any bonuses that you might throw in. This form of marketing is highly effective because you can literally add more for your members to access every week, then email them to let them know to login to access their new gifts, tools, resources, etc..

Every time they login is another chance for you to sell them something or another chance for you to get free members to upgrade! Powerful.

This type of marketing strategy is not my own. It was popularized mainly by Mike Filsaime a few years back when he came out with his popular membership script Butterfly Marketing.

The way you use the script and the way it will work will be very similar to The Butterfly Marketing script but without the heavy price tag and less complicated to setup and manage in my opinion.

See for yourself what you can get the Butterfly Marketing script ($797-$1997) for.

That is a great, powerful script and in my opinion Mike Filsaime is a marketing genius, do not get me wrong. I follow his projects and promote and buy many of his products.

However...My script is simple enough but still powerful enough to do the job of building your list and making you money for way less of an investment and without as much technical skill needed..

You see, We try to help out the little guys first, since We know how it is to be just starting out and know how it feels not to that many resources readily available...(usually money and time)

We know many of us when first starting out online do not have $797-$1997 laying around to invest in something like that.

So, with that being said..This is why We came out with The EZ Membership Script..

One Of The Most Affordable,
Easiest To Use, And Quickest-To-Learn
Membership Site Scripts Available

"yours is easier to use, set up, and just all around more user friendly!"

I have the Butterfly Marketing Script and was one of your first to by your EZ Membership Site Script when you brought it out. I have to tell you, even though the BFM script is Excellent, yours is easier to use, set up, and just all around more user friendly! Not complicated to install or configure. Excellent work with this one my friend. Thanks alot!

George Middleton

"This is the best membership site script that I have found anywhere!"

This is the best membership site script that I have found anywhere!

I tried 2 other options that each cost > $500. Unfortunately, both were too difficult to set up and run. I wish that I would have found this $97 option before I spent so much time and money on something that I can't use.

This script is really great, simple to set up, and the owner has
always been quick to respond to any questions that I have asked.

John Q. Miller

"Thanks Frank for a wonderful script and support."

I have Purchased two other products from Frank. Every time he has gone that extra mile. The tutorials were so easy to understand and when I needed help he was there. Thanks Frank for a wonderful script and support.

Brian Zens

Again, here is just a sample of what can be done with the simple to use, install, and learn EZ Membership Script:

After your visitors opt-in and either buy your offer or pass, remember they will still be affiliates. This leverages your business by running your own in-house referral program where you can give your new members tons of promo tools so that they can promote your site - gaining you MORE members! This benefit alone will make your site viral as new members will promote your site so that they can earn commissions.

So what if 90% or so of your opt-ins do not buy your offer.. You will also be able to add in a downsell if they pass on your OTO..and both offers will not be accessible again if the member types in the URL's.. so they will be true special offers..

With The EZ Membership Script you'll even be able to offer your new members a third offer once they login!

The EZ Membership Script has a built in autoresponder for you to build your list and to stay in touch with your members on autopilot. I have currently 8 hot and active sites where I email my members from the script.. NOT A PROBLEM... don't let some people scare you out of success...

And guess what? If a member does not want to receive your follow ups anymore, he can delete his account right from any email you send him. You will be CAN SPAM compliant always and emails will only go out to verified members.

- Just added: If you have your own autoresponder account, you'll be happy to know we have added in the ability for you to use 3rd party autoresponders now!

"It is a great script and I know I will make a ton of money with it."

Hello Frank

I just installed your EZ Membership Script. I have to say the title is correct. This was the first script I have ever installed and thanks to your great instructions in the Readme file, the job was finished in no time flat. It was EZ. It is a great script and I know I will make a ton of money with it.

Thomas Northrop

Here are some of the great features of The EZ Membership Script:

Referral contest feature

You can choose to have his EZ Membership Script referral URL in the footer of all his sites to earn even more money

You can easily edit what the signup button reads (i.e. Sign Me Up! or Create Account etc)

Built in popup and pop-under code for your affiliates/members

Enable/disable login html ads - use them as recommendations to members logging in and out

Allow/Deny signups from the same IP Address

"From start to finish I had my newest site up and functional in just a couple of hours - with content!"

I've known Frank for years and have installed and used many of his scripts in the past and grown a great respect for his expertise in providing quality products. His newest script EZ Membership Script is another excellent example of his efforts to deliver software that is both easy to setup and use.

I used it on my newest membership site and was able to integrate my website template into his script with no problem at all. From start to finish I had my newest site up and functional in just a couple of hours - with content!


Even More Features:

3 levels: A free level and 2 paid levels

You can enable an one-time offer plus a downsell

You can also setup a login offer that can show at every login or only once.

You can show recommended programs through banner ads inside members area

Accept PayPal & AlertPay

Option of offering downline builder

You can easily set the width of your site to match their header & footer width under Settings

You can easily edit the submit buttons' font and text size

Email ban list feature (for touchy ISP's like Yahoo & AOL that like to block marketing emails)

Edit your Meta Tags from inside the admin panel

40 background images included

You can turn header and/or footer on/off

You can download your member list into csv format which includes info like name, email, IP address, timestamp etc

You can add promo banners, promo emails, text ads, even html "Thank You" ads

HTML preview feature for every page

Quick view of your top affiliates so you know who to keep on eye on for future sites

Camtasia Video Tutorials Included!

And Much Much More!

Here are just some of the ways you will benefit when you start using The EZ Membership Script today!

Build Your List Faster - As your site brings in members, your new members will promote your site to earn commissions.. which means a bigger, faster list for you! Viral marketing at its best!

Promote Affiliate Programs - You can benefit from The EZ Membership Script by being able to promote targeted affiliate programs to your members when they login and login and also inside the members area. Not to mention when you email them!

Special Offers - Setup special offers for your members when they login to make extra steady long-term income!

Residual Income - You can benefit by making the sale once and enjoy the recurring income month after month!

Content, Content - Setup valuable content that your members can benefit from! The more your members appreciate what you deliver, the more they will buy from you!

You can put The EZ Membership Script to work for you within hours! After that, it will work for you everyday, on autopilot!

Here Are Some Live Sites Using The Script:

Grab Your Copy Today!

Fast Mover Bonuses:

You Will Get This Cool Script As A Bonus - Click Here!

PLUS These 2 Additional New Bonuses


10 Brand New One-Time Offer Templates With MRR!

$97 Value

Purchase Right Now And I'll Throw In These Hot New OTO Templates With Squeeze Page, Download Page And Master Resell Rights Included!


Full Paid Version of Exit Tweet Generator!

$37 Value
This Simple, Yet Powerful Script Turns Your Visitors Into Instant Viral Promoters Of Your Website The Very Instant They Try To Leave! Harness The Power Of Twitter..

So, Here's A Summary Of Everything You'll Get With The EZ Membership Script Package:

The EZ Membership Script $497 Value
Website ALE Script With MRR $97 Value
10 OTO Templates With MRR $97 Value
Full Paid Version Of Exit Tweet Generator $37 Value
Camtasia Video Tutorials $497 Value
90 Days Full Support $497 Value
Grand Total Value $1722

"Grab This Entire EZ Membership Script Package Right Now While It's Still Available At This Price!"

Grab The Whole Package For Only $297 $197
Starting at $97.00

So how much would you pay for this power yet simple tool that can explode your business almost overnight?

$1297? $997? I know I could easily charge $497 or more for this script, but remember We're here to help you so We've thought about it long and hard. We've decided to make this offer to you, a very small investment with a big return if you take action:

Grab Your Copy For Starting At $97!

Yes Thomas & Kenneth & Leo! I want to order "The EZ Membership Script" for only $97!

Click Here To Create Your Account And Order Online

Instant Access - Online Download

To your success,

Thomas Sheets & Kenneth Kraakstad & Leo van den Berg (New Owner)

P.S. Once you start using "The EZ Membership Script", I know you're going to love it. Let us know your experiences so We can put up a few more testimonials on this site.

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